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First symposium on Health Modelling, Guadeloupe

A modelling symposium was organized by CIRAD (BGPI research team in Guadeloupe) and University of Antilles in Guadeloupe (LAMIA research unit) on risk modeling in epidemiology. About fourty persons participated, mainly from Guadeloupe and France. Four sessions were organized on the Campus of Fouillole (University of Guadeloupe):

  • Statistical and numerical methods
  • Risks in animal health
  • Risks in plant health
  • Risks in human health

Several researchers from CIRAD CMAEE Research unit participated in the symposium and presented their work:

  1. Wy is living together so difficult? The romantic tragedy of two Amblyomma species in Mozambique (David Pleydel)
  2. Species distributin modelling for rhipicephalus microplus in Benin, West Africa: comparin datasets and modellin algorithms (Eva De Clercq)
  3. Movement restrictions to control the disease transmission in a livestock network and the effect of farmers strategic behavior (Damian Tago).

The session was introduced with a key note presentation from Michel Langlais (emerit professor at the Univeristy Victor Segalen, Bordeau2): a singular reaction-diffusion system modelling prey-predator interactions: invasion and co-extinction waves.

It was the first symposium on health modelling organized in Guadeloupe. The goal was to unite local and national experts in epidemiological modelling from plant, animal and human heath to trigger exchanges and emphasize cross-cutting methodology.

More information: 

- Workshop: Programme

- News on the CIRAD antilles Guyane Website


Tuesday, 19 May, 2015 - 12:00 to Wednesday, 20 May, 2015 - 17:00

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